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DanceSport Competitions in the Midwest

revised 12/2017

Competitions in red are organized by USA Dance for amateur dancers.

More information on USA DanceSport

Competitions in yellow are collegiate DanceSport events.

January 2018
Event: Snow Ball Dance Competition
Location: Minneapolis, MN
Contact: Donna Edelstein
612 910-2690
URL: http://www.thesnowballcomp.com
February 2018
Event: Indiana Challenge DanceSport Comp
Location: Merrillville, IN
Contact: Tim & Sue Bourget
(219) 322-8381
URL: http://www.indianachallenge.com
February 2018
Event: Michigan Senior Olympics Winter Games
Location: Rochester, MI
Contact: MSO Hotline for fees, details: (248)608-0252
Sponsor: Michigan Senior Olympics, Inc
URL: http://www.michiganseniorolympics.org/
March 2018
Event: Arnold Youth DanceSport Challenge
Location: Columbus, Ohio
Contact: Sam Sodano
Bill Sparks
Sponsor: EUROPA
URL: http://www.arnoldsportsfestival.com/sports-and-events/dance-and-fitness/youth-dancesport/
March 2018
Event: National Collegiate DanceSport Championships - USA Dance YCN
Location: Villa Park, IL
Contact: collegenetwork-dir@usadance.org
Sponsor: USA Dance, Inc.
URL: http://usadancencc.org/
March 2018
Event: Udance Fest
Location: Minneapolis, MN
Contact: info@usadance-mn.org
Sponsor: USA Dance-MN
URL: http://www.sotncomp.com/
March 2018
Event: Arnold 50+ DanceSport Challenge
Location: Columbus, Ohio
Contact: Mike Lorz
1331 South High Street
Columbus, OH 43207
614 443-1877
614 443-6646 (fax)
Sponsor: EUROPA
URL: http://arnoldsportsfestival.com/50-dancesport/
April 2018
Event: Michigan Dance Challenge
Location: Dearborn, MI
Contact: Mark Brock
(248) 561-7711
URL: http://www.michigandancechallenge.com
April 2018
Event: Wisconsin State DanceSport Championships
Location: Milwaukee, WI
Contact: Dan & Becky Messenger
URL: http://www.wiscstatedancechamp.com/
April 2018
Event: USA Dance National DanceSport Championships
Location: Baltimore, MD
Contact: (800) 447-9047
(415) 641-9265
Sponsor: USA Dance
URL: http://usadance.org/dancesport/competition-calendar/2018-4-6-2018-national-dancesport-championships/
April 2018
Event: Windy City Open
Location: Chicago, IL
Contact: theWindyCityOpen@yahoo.com
URL: http://www.theWindyCityOpen.com
May 2018
Event: New World Dancesport Challenge
Location: Columbus, Ohio
Contact: Dana Edwards
(614) 600-0792
Sponsor: Rumchick Productions
URL: http://newworlddancesport.com
July 2018
Event: Twin Cities Open Ballroom Competition
Location: Minneapolis, MN
Contact: Scott & Amy Anderson
URL: http://www.twincitiesopen.com
August 2018
Event: Fort Wayne DanceSport Special Olympics
Location: Purdue Campus, Fort Wayne, IN
Contact: Dan Keck, organizer@fwdancesport.org, 260-440-7004
Sponsor: Fort Wayne USA Dance Chapter # 2046
URL: http://fwdancesport.org
October 2018
Event: Chicago Harvest Moon Ball Championship
Location: Chicago, IL area
Contact: Phone: 773-383-0139
URL: http://www.chicagoharvestmoon.com/
October 2018
Event: Chicago DanceSport Challenge
Location: Chicago, IL area
Contact: Barbara K. Finn
email: chicagochallenge@comcast.net
Sponsor: Chicago USA Dance Chapter
URL: http://usadancechicago.org/
All dances held at

The Point Community Center
2595 N 10th St. (Oshtemo)
Kalamazoo, MI

except where noted
Saturday Sept 15, 2018
Instructor: Mary Hoedeman
Lesson: West Coast Swing
Saturday Oct 20, 2018
Instructor: Sharon Fisher
Lesson: Cha Cha
Saturday Nov 17, 2018
Instructor: Art & Jill Downey
Lesson: American Tango
Saturday Dec 15, 2018
Instructor: Terry Worrall
Lesson: Waltz
Saturday Jan 19, 2019
Instructor: Teri Geer
Lesson: East Coast Swing
Saturday Feb 16, 2019
Instructor: Dominic & Jaime Lovett
Lesson: Foxtrot
Saturday Mar 16, 2019
Instructor: Byron Doss
Lesson: Rumba
Saturday Apr 20, 2019
Instructor: Jean Guild
Lesson: Texas 2-Step
Saturday May 18, 2019
Instructor: Lori Marco
Lesson: Night Club 2 Step
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